Ice Shows and Dance Shows


Single Skating Events

Local Pricing: $22 for the first event, $20 for each additional event.
Out of State Events: $25 for the first event, $23 for each additional event.

Syncronized Skating

$75 per event


$5 flat rate for all

Event Webcasts

See Event Webcasting for further details

Order Information

Blank DVD media is included in price.

DVD movies are recorded onto DVD-R media for maximum compatability.

DVD will include full flight.

DVD media is extremely fragile and must be handled with care.

We are not responsible for DVDs damaged due to negligent handling of the discs, such as: scratches, bends, improper storage, etc.

Exchange/Return Policy

There is a one week exchange policy for DVDs with compatability issues only. Sorry there are no refunds. DVDs will function in most consumer DVD players.