Ledin History

imageLedin Photo & Video was founded by Noel Ledin over 30 years ago. Noel was a competitive figure skater for many years. After a successful competitive career he became a coach. His coaching career spanned four decades and several states.

Photography was Noel's hobby and played a major role in his coaching style. Taking pictures of his students during practice allowed him to show his students what they needed to improve on. This soon caught on as other coaches soons tarted asking Noel to take pictures of their students. He then began offering his services at local competitions. When video tape came out in the 1970's Noel began using it for figure skating and that allowed students to see their entire program. Video tape was great because prior to video's introduction, a person had to use an 8mm film camera to capture an entire program. 8mm film and developing of the film was very costly.

Over the years Noel continued providing photo and video services at figure skating competitions. In te early 1990's e became less involved as a coach and more involved with Ledin Photo & Video. He began training employees and updating equipment which allowed him to cover competitions all across the midwest. Working with Noel for many years has allowed to current owners of the company to get a complete understanding of the sport and its functions.

Ledin Photo & Video carries on Noel's dedication to the sport along with expanding its services to better serve competitors, coaches, officials, and parents.